A Taste of

Behind the Scenes 

In July 2017 we had a call from an excited long-standing client who wanted to host their eldest daughter’s Wedding  8 weeks later in September. 

The  clients had a very clear brief

1) No hotels! 

2) Only outdoors spaces with surrounding greenery!

3) Traditional South African Braai food. 

3) A serious Bar and plenty of room for the 350 guests to dance! 

Difficult? No!!


Well it would have been easier if LEXEVENTS weren’t booked for a 3 week holiday in Los Angeles and the Clients in Cape Town.  In addition there was no guest list started, a huge amount of flights to book and no venue that suited the client…time was running out!! 

Our fabulous production company recalled a green space in Aldenham and with that the event started to take shape.  A site visit during the only windy day in July had to be conducted with all the vendors on a conference call in  field as the winds were so strong we could not hear our voices to discuss the site plans, everything was paced out and the ‘rooms’ were planned.  Back in the offices we drew up floor plans for the entry marquee, chill out area, grooms room, brides room, chupah area (had to face Eastwards!), bar area and of course the Main dining Marquee with stage and dancefloor.  Behind all that were the purpose built kitchens and the huge BBQ area for the meats to be Braai-ed so as to avoid any smoky aromas during the dinner yet near enough in case of bad weather. So we all went on our holidays whilst the invitations were sent out, the Steaks for the Braai were aged and the world class Whisky collection began to be assembled.  

On our return to London we started on floor plans, we suggested having four long tables on either side of the dancefloor holding 44 people on each table, the flowers were designed with a brief of blues and white and as high and organic looking as possible!  A week prior to the event the marquees started to be built and every day the site looking better and better…. then we had a rainstorm!  3 days to go and the sun came out and continued to shine all week long. 

The day prior to the event we took the Groom and his family who had just flown in from Johannesburg for a tour of the site and the excitement was starting to build! 

Wedding day!! 

A team of over 50 worked tirelessly; they carpeted, brought furniture in, laid tables, created floral arrangements, sound checked, set up kitchens and created a stunning venue from scratch that was absolutely perfect even down to a short journey from most guests’ homes and plenty of parking.  The majority of guests had just returned from their holidays and the atmosphere was truly electric in fact the bar (40 bottles of that amazing Whisky!) was drunk dry!  LEXEVENTS literally held hands with the clients throughout the process even to the extent of escorting the Grooms family home through the unlit winding roads of Aldenham!

Not every event is this lavish or detail driven BUT at LEXEVENTS we are proud to offer a tailor made service for any size event and budget. 

It is a phrase we repeat over and over again…’EVERYONE has a budget!’